What is a Hustler?

To some the term may have a negative meaning but to the Hustlers Wife it can stand for every man that goes out every day to their respective corner office, cubicle, corn field, rooftop, street corner…etc. with the intent of providing for their family and making their tomorrow brighter than today.The Hustlers Wife is the woman that uplifts, guides, introduces, and clears the path for him to succeed. Before he reaches new heights she has prayed for him, invested in him, sacrificed for him and seen his potential. Her job is to nurture him and help lay the foundation that their future is built on. This site is designed to uplift and support the woman that gives so much to so many….a little place to share our thoughts and dreams, to support one another and have a little fun! Here we also encourage the Hustler within every wife. Aside from being his support system we are still go-getters and hustlers.

A little bit about me:

I’m a wife and mother of 4 (three girls and one boy). I hold a degree in Management and a Masters degree in Human Resource Management. I’m a freelance writer. I work full-time as a healthcare recruiter for a major health system and  as the HR department for our business ventures.

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Instagram: @Hustlerswife813


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