A Happy Home

I Love Luther! Having a happy home may mean something different to each woman but I’m sure every woman will agree that it is not possible if we are not happy within. How can you be a supportive wife and mother when you feel unfulfilled and purposeless?  Everyone serves a purpose it’s just a matter of finding it. Think about what you enjoy doing and find a way to incorporate it into your daily routine.  Think Simple now has a great exercise on finding your purpose. Tina Su the author suggests answering 15 questions that will help you home in on your true purpose.

Click the link below and let us know what your true purpose is!



Never send him out hungry!

“UhUh, I gotta go! Cut it out; give your man what he dreams about. T-shirt and some heels on while he chase you all around the house!”-Tamar Braxton Hot Sugar.

Ok Ladies, I have been guilty of doing this very thing. You are tired or busy and the hubby comes in the room with that look on his face and you think “Dang”. Then I realize that it’s a blessing that my husband is still in love with his wife and turning to me as he should be.  One thing is for sure, what you are not willing to do there is another woman waiting and wishing for the opportunity to do it! It’s a sad but true fact. To keep our love life on track I’ve learned to be open to new things and how to schedule (as much as possible) our time together.

  • While spontaneity is always best it may help to set a special day aside for the two of you.
  • If your husband works odd hours (as mine does) try to hit the bed early, that way when he comes home you are well rested.
  • Set the mood: Send love notes, e-mails, text messages that build up to later that night. Doing this will not only make him feel special but also help build the anticipation for the both of you.
  • Hire a sitter or set up a swap with another couple if a sitter isn’t in the budget. It’s important to spend time together away from the kids.
  • Treat yourself. Take a day and focus on only you, get pampered, shop or go see a movie. After spending the day alone you will appreciate some time with your sweetie.
  • Write a gratitude list: If your still not in the mood make a list of all of the reason why you love and married your husband.

How do you keep it spicy?